Hungarian Open Orienteering Sprint Championships
(ROB) and
Sprint Relay Championships (SVOB)



Main Patron:

Péter Szijjártó (Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary)


Dr. András Csaba Dézsi (Mayor of Győr)
Gyula Porga (Mayor of Veszprém)
Balázs Kovács (President of the Hungarian Orienteering Federation)
Péter Ovádi (Member of Parliament)
Simon Róbert Balázs (Member of Parliament)
Zsuzsanna Jakabos (European champion swimmer)

Competition format:

ROB: Open, sprint, two-round (for M70+ and W55+ only a single round in the afternoon) individual championship competition. In M / W 21E categories all finals are World Ranking Events (WRE).
SVOB: Open, single-round, sprint relay championship competition.

Organising club:

On behalf of the Hungarian Orienteering Federation, the Orienteering Section of the Veszprémi Honvéd Sports Club
8200 Veszprém, Wartha Vince St 3.

phone: + 36-70-330-4253

President of the Organising Committee: Zoltán Molnár
Event Secretary: Zsoltné Németh
Competition Director: Péter Molnár
Course setters: Attila Molnár (ROB Qualification), Zoltán Molnár (ROB Final)
Péter Molnár (SVOB)
National controllers: András Szabó (ROB), Mónika Tokaji (SVOB)
IOF Event Adviser: Áron Less (WRE race (ROB final) only)


ROB Qualification race: Saturday, 18th September 2021. 10:00
ROB Final race: Saturday, 18th September 2021. 15:00
SVOB: Sunday, 19th September 2021. 10:00


Map scale is 1:4,000 / 2.5 m

The maps are surveyed by Péter Molnár in 2021 according to ISSprOM 2019.


ROB Qualification:
Parks, urban / suburban areas, housing estates and residential environment, playgrounds and courtyards of schools can all be found on the terrain. Gateways, block of flats and gates offer routechoices. Height differences are negligible. 60-70% of the courses are on paved areas. Runnability and visibility are excellent and allow high speed for the runners.
ROB Final:
Typical city centre environment, smaller to larger streets, alleyways, squares and school courtyards, arcades and areas with stairs that offer runners route choices. Height differences are negligible. Approximately 90% of the courses are on paved areas. Runnability and visibility are excellent and allow high speed for the runners.
Two-thirds of the terrain is in a university campus with park areas between larger buildings, the other third is suburban environment with family homes. Height differences are negligible. Pavement ratio is 60-70%. Runnability and visibility are excellent and allow high speed for the runners.

Embargoed area:

Until the day of the competition, all orienteering activities are prohibited in the area marked on the map outlined below. Orienteering activities include navigating on the streets with a map, testing route choices, exploring  different areas, etc. Violators of the embargo may be disqualified from the competition according to the competition rules! For all questions regarding the embargo, please contact the President of the Organising Committee directly at



Individual Sprint competition (ROB):

Classes with a qualification and final round:
M/W 14E, 16E, 18E, 20E, 21E, 35A, 40A, 45A, 50A, M 55A, 60A, 65A

Single-round (final only) championship classes:
W 55A, 60A, 65A, M/W 70A, 75A, M 80A, 85A

Open: non-championship individual class (only during the qualification race)

Sprint Relay (SVOB):

Championship classes:

4-person relays: V14A, V18A, V21A (with a minimum of two female and a maximum of two male runners). Runners born in 2007 and later may compete in class V14A, while runners born in 2003 and later may compete in class V18A.
3-person relays: V105A, V135A, V165A, V195A (the 3 legs are of different length, of which at least one shall be ran by a female competitor). All runners in these masters classes should be born in 1986 or earlier; the age of the three competitors added together (their age on 31/12/2021) shall be at minimum the number in the name of the class.

Open: non-championship individual class


Using the entry system:

With the exception of the Open classes, all entrants must have a Hungarian Orienteering Federation competition licence (annual or daily). The issuing of a daily competition licence is automatic for those, who don’t have an annual licence. For having an annual HOF competition licence, you must belong to, and race for a member club of the Hungarian Orienteering Federation. The entry system controls the availability of the annual competition licence at the entry date. In case the competitior doesn’t have an annual competition license, the system automatically calculates and adds the daily license fee. In case the competitor applies for an annual license later than the entry for the competition, it is her/his own responsibility to amend the entry by using the “Recalculate” button of the entry system, resulting in the reduction of the entry fee.

M/W 21E entrants wishing to run for world ranking points (in the WRE) must also enter through IOF

Entry deadline:

Friday, 3th September 2021 (championship classes)
In Open classes, the entry deadline is 12th September 2021. On the day of the competition, it’s only possible to enter if there are vacant start slots still available.
The name entry deadline for the Sprint Relay competition will be 20:00 on Saturday 18th September 2021, exclusively through

Entry fees:

With annual HOF competition license Without annual HOF competition license
ROB (individual sprint competition)
two-round classes
3 500 HUF / person 5 500 HUF / person
(individual sprint competition)
single-round classes (final only)
2 500 Ft HUF / person 4 500 Ft HUF / person
SVOB (sprint relay competition) championship classes 2 200 Ft HUF / person 4 200 Ft HUF / person
Open classes (per race) 1 500 Ft HUF / person (after the entry deadline + 500 HUF / person, on the spot +1000 HUF / person surcharge)
SI rent (per race) 300 Ft HUF / person SIAC 600 HUF / person. SIAC rental is only available in the championship classes.


Punching system:

The SPORTident electronic punching and time-keeping system will be used. The controls will also work in touch-free mode (with SIAC Air + cards).


Please take a look at our accommodation offer on the link below. All accommodation shall be booked individually.


No organised transport will be offered, as all the races can be reached by public transport.


Places 1-3 will get medals and prizes, in M / W classes 14-21 places 4-6 will receive a certificate.
There will be no prize-giving ceremony in the open classes.

Other information:

Commercial activity during the competitions is only possible with the permission of the organiser.

Qualification to the finals in the individual competition:

  • If there are 48 or more entrants, the number of qualifiers from each heat to the A-final shall be equal and shall be calculated so that the total number of qualifiers is 24, or the lowest possible number above 24. Similarly for the B-final and so on except that if there are more than two finals and fewer than 5 competitors have qualified for the lowest ranked final, they may be transferred to the next final up.
  • If there are from 10 to 47 entrants, then they shall be split as equally as possible between an A-final and a B-final, with the A-final having at least half the total number of entrants.
  • If there are fewer than 10 entrants, then all shall compete in the A-final.
  • For other technical matters (qualification to the final, etc.), the relevant Hungarian orienteering rules apply.
  • More information will be available in Bulletin 2.
  • We operate a kindergarten and a luggage storage on both competition days.
  • Everyone competes during the weekend at their own risk.
  • Participants (competitors, spectators, etc.) agree that the images and video recordings of the competition may be published in the printed and electronic press, including the Internet, unless otherwise stated in writing.
  • Further information will be available in the HOF databank and on the competition website: