Chief Patron


Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Mr Szijjártó joined politics in 1998 when he entered the Győr General Assembly as the youngest member. In 2001 he was elected one of the national vice-presidents of Fidelitas, and in the same year, he became a member of the county and national board of Fidesz. He has been a member of Parliament since 2002 and since 2010 has been the personal spokesman of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and for the last 9 years has been the State Secretary for Foreign and Foreign Affairs and since 2014 the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs.

Szijjártó Péter fővédnöki köszöntője



Prof. Dr. András Csaba Dézsi, Mayor of Győr

Doctor, cardiologist, doctor of internal medicine, politician and writer, Mr Dézsi graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine of the University of Medicine in Debrecen. He is a professor at the Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences of the Széchenyi István University of Győr and the head of the Department of Cardiology at the University of Pécs in Győr.
Between 1998-2002 he was the deputy mayor of the City of Győr, between 2002-2006 he was the health councillor of the Győr municipality, the leader of the Fidesz-KDNP fraction, between October 2006 and March 2008 he was the chairman of the city strategy committee of the Győr municipality. He has been a member of the Fidesz National Board since 2002 and the Mayor of Győr since January 26, 2020. He published a book about Frank Zappa’s life and a children’s book. He is the vice-president of the Hungarian Judo Association and a member of the Hungarian Olympic Committee.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Athletes,

Orienteering might not be the best-known sport still it is an excellent form of family commitment that also brings environmental awareness and a love of nature. In addition, this sport simultaneously contributes to physical, mental and spiritual health.

There are many sports opportunities in Győr, but there are relatively few sports, like orienteering, that the whole family can do together. Each family member can set their desired goals at their level and all seniors and young competitors can spend some exciting time together. Orienteering is an outdoor activity in which participants learn to tolerate all weather conditions as well as to make quick decisions. This is why orienteering is called a family green sport.

Due to these characteristics, I can highly recommend orienteering running not only as a mayor and sports leader but also as a cardiologist. I could happily prescribe orienteering for Hungarian families for it has sporting value and can serve as a real relaxation and close-to-nature experience.

You, who compete as orienteers, are the ambassadors of this sport! I am confident that by setting such a good example more and more people will soon be engaged in orienteering.

As mayor, it is my pleasure to greet all of you: competitors, in Győr, wishing you the best of time! However, after the race, I invite you to see and explore this beautiful town celebrating its 750th anniversary!

‘Sport is our heart matter!’ Best regards.

Dr. András Csaba András


Gyula Porga, Mayor of Veszprém

Mr Porga has been the mayor of Veszprém since 2010, formerly the deputy mayor, in charge of human affairs. He is the chairman of the Network of Historic Cities and Settlements and the Cultural Subcommittee of the Association of County Towns. He received the Mayor of the Year and Climate Star awards from the European Climate Association in 2012. In 2015, he received the Frim Jakab Memorial Medal award. In December 2018, Veszprém together with the Bakony-Balaton region won the title of European Capital of Culture 2023.


Zsuzsanna Jakabos, European Swimming Champion, Olympian

Mrs Jakabos learned to swim relatively late at the age of 8 before that she had done gymnastics. She won medals in the 200m butterfly and 400m mixed at the 2010 European Short Course Swimming Championships. At the 2012 European Championships, she took second place in the 400m mixed, 200m butterfly and the 4 × 200m quick relay. At the 2016 European Swimming Championships, she won gold in the 4 × 200m sprint.


Balázs Kovács, President of MTFSZ

Mr Kovács became acquainted with orienteering at the age of 14 and has been competing in BEAC colours ever since. He received a gold badge as a young man and reached 1st grade as an adult. He joined the MTFSZ in 2003, initially leading the SportIdent Committee, and from 2006 he chaired the Sports Development and Youth Committee. He has held the position of Vice President since 2011 and was elected President in June 2021.


Péter Ovádi, Member of Parliament

Mr Ovádi graduated in 2017 from the Faculty of Engineering Informatics the Faculty of Technical Informatics of the University of Pannonia. He is the Member of Parliament for Veszprém County Constituency No. 1. As a Ministerial Commissioner, he is responsible for the renewal and implementation of the National Animal Welfare Program. In his spare time, he does various sports and has already taken part in a half-distance Ironman race.


Balázs Simon Róbert, Member of Parliament

Mr Simon is a politician, cultural organizer, financial business expert and certified human resources consultant. Between 2006 and 2014, he was the Deputy Mayor of Győr and a member of the Cultural Committee of the Hungarian Parliament. Since May 2015 he has been acting as Ministerial Commissioner for County Development. In his free time, he enjoys hiking with his family, playing football, and cycling.